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We all know saving water is a good idea. We've made it even easier for you to save, with a great range of free water-saving gadgets.

Save in the showerSave in the shower

Our showerheads or Showersave attachment could save a family of four up to £91 per year. They're super easy to fit, with no loss of power.

Savings on tapSavings on tap

Simple, but clever, these handy little gadgets for your tap mix air with running water, saving you up to £16 per year - just from a tap!

And more...Save more

Save money every time you flush the toilet with our fantastic Save-a-flush. This little gadget sits in your toilet cistern and reduces the amount of water each flush uses by around one litre, saving a family of four up to £18 per year. Or, why not take our four minute shower challenge, with our handy shower timer. Cutting your shower by a minute a day could save a family of four up to £52 per year.

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